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Tonight’s listening…

For some reason, this popped into my brain tonight (click on the icon to make it bigger):

Specifically, I was being earwormed by the first song, “Moving”, which has long been a favorite of mine.  Great stuff.  It was impossible to resist pulling up iTunes and whistling along with it for a while.  It’s a great song for whistling.

The album as a whole is pretty quirky.  The first time I ever heard it, I couldn’t resist raising my eyebrows a bit at the girl who was playing it for me, and she, of course, looked a little sheepish.  But that first song rang a bell, and eventually I realized I had heard it before, while eating pizza in a Rocky Rococo on State Street in Madison, roughly 1988 or so.  I remembered sitting there in the restaurant, wondering what on earth I was hearing, and…liking it in a way I wasn’t accustomed to.  The girl, a potential girlfriend, with whom things were going very, very awkwardly, was playing me the album about a year and a half after that slice of pizza.  Not long after that, I found myself plunking down the money for the CD.

Some of the songs are, to say the least, a bit odd, but in a fun way.  Anyone who gets a chance to hear it should not expect….normalcy.  But, as has been said, “Why be normal?”  Many of the things I value the most in life have resulted from not being normal, and, quite frankly, I find most “normal” music to be deathly boring.  So go for it. ;)

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