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Nikon D90 announced

The Nikon D90 has finally been officially announced. And it’s looking like a pretty sweet machine. :)

So now the choice gets tough for me, since I can’t really afford to buy any new equipment at all right now. But if I were going to consider a new camera body, there’d be this new model, or the D80, which should be available for a while yet, or a D200 if I could find one. I believe those can still be found.

Probably I’ll be stuck with the D40 for a while yet, though, and by the time I can afford to upgrade, the D90 and D300 will be reaching the end of their respective product lifetimes, which would mean being able to pick one of those up for less than what they cost now.

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DSLR vs Medium Format shootout

First, I do need to think of a new title for this blog. “My Pics” is cute, but something nicer would be, uh, nice. :) I had a great idea a few days ago as I was falling asleep, but now I can’t remember what it was!! I hate that.

I still haven’t decided yet how I’m going to handle this blog (although I have some interesting ideas mulling around in my head), but the desire is there to do something photography-related, which also includes samples of my more satisfactory photos. But also, why not post other stuff that’s related to the subject, and potentially of interest?

So, in that light, this article is an interesting read:

State-of-the-Art 35mm Digital Vs. Medium Format Film

The author sets up a resolution test between a medium format Pentax camera, shooting Fuji Velvia, and a Canon IDs. Mind you, this isn’t the current flagship Canon DSLR (IDs Mark III? I admit I have trouble keeping track of Canon’s model designations, since I’m not a Canon shooter myself), but an earlier, 11 megapixel version. The results are rather surprising, and somewhat counterintuitive. How can a 6×7 camera be capable of producing larger prints, but still end up showing lower resolution when compared with the Canon? And yet, that’s exactly what seems to be happening.

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