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Google stupidity

Months ago, when Microsoft came out with their new search engine, Bing, I laughed. What could possibly cause me to abandon Google, I wondered?

As of yesterday, this question has been answered. When I pull up Google’s home page, instead of the usual buttons, there’s just some text that reads “This space intentionally left blank.” It stays that way until I move the mouse.

I am not sure why, but this annoys the living shit out of me. Seriously. Unlike other sites ([cough]Flickr![cough]), Google has implemented a lot of minor, incremental changes to their user interface over the years without ever bothering me, until yesterday when this crap started happening. This is the first time in over ten years of usage that they’ve actually managed to piss me off.

So now I’m setting my browser start page to Bing, instead of Google.

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