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More Wind

(More on the Wayward Wind, described in the previous post…)

What’s really odd about the wind today is that sometimes it seems like it’s finally dying down, and then a while later, it doesn’t.

It’s been blowing over 24 hours now, so it seems like it’s got to end sooner or later. As if in anticipation of this expectation, for most of the day we’ve been getting periods where it actually seems like it’s over.

Then, a little while later, the wind will pick back up to full strength again, which I’d guess is about 50 or 60 mph (it does seem to be stronger than yesterday).

And then it’ll die back down again. It seems to be on some kind of regular cycle, maybe every 10 minutes or so, as if a large portion of the atmosphere is compressed into an absolutely colossal, ultra-low frequency sound wave. As the “peaks” and “troughs” of the wave pass over us, the wind picks up and dies down.

In addition to that, though, is a sort of “overtone”, that is, a higher frequency wave superimposed on the main wave. The higher frequency is about one cycle every 20 to 30 seconds. The wind will pick up to full blast, then slow down to a more ordinary speed, over and over, except this pattern itself will pick up and die down within the greater, lower frequency cycle.

I wonder what it would sound like if these cycles were somehow brought up into the range of human hearing? Would it sound like some sort of gigantic, low-pitched flute?

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