Why does Apple hate me?

Lately I’ve been considering restarting this blog.  I’d repurpose it a bit, getting back to what I had originally set it up for, years ago, namely photography related stuff, and not so much relating to ranting about Apple garbage.  Who knows, I might even go and hide some of the anti-Apple bitching. Or maybe not.

See, it’s hard, because Apple continues to get more and more retarded over time. I’m to the point now where I really need to upgrade my computer to something newer, and there is literally nothing in Apple’s lineup that meets my needs.  Maybe the closest would be a top of the line Mac Mini, since those don’t come preinstalled with some weirdo, non-standard wide gamut UHD display that all the larger iMacs have now.  (And a Mac Pro is simply not going to happen.  The so-called “trash can” may just be the most ridiculous computer Apple has come up with since their original seven pound laptop back in the 1990’s, and it costs a goddamn fortune!)

Well, there’s the Windows option.  That’s a big unknown in some respects.  I’ve used various Windows systems at work going back to the 1990’s, from Windows 3.2 up to Windows 7, although I never suffered through Vista.  A new computer would certainly come with Windows 10, which I am not familiar with. I haven’t heard a lot of positive comments about it, although people who have used it for a while do seem to quiet down after some initial complaining.  My father described Windows 10, “It’s as if they took everything that was useful about Windows 7 and hid it.”

(One of my big frustrations with Windows is that I like to move stuff around a lot, or rename stuff.  But Windows tends to make that very difficult.  Say you want to rename or move a folder full of images.  It’s likely that the system will generate an error and the process will fail due to one of the files within the folder being “in use.”  In the case of moving a folder, the easiest solution, assuming you have enough disk space to spare, is to simply copy the entire folder to the new location, then delete the old one. Hopefully you don’t use shortcuts, though, because that process will break them all!  As for how well that works with simply renaming a folder, you’d start out with a copy of the folder named “my folder copy” (or whatever), which would then need to be renamed, which is the same problem all over again.  I suspect that the copy could be renamed as long as you haven’t done something foolish like peek inside it with Windows Explorer or some application…heheh.  Anyway, this is getting pretty digressive. Are all of these problems solved in Windows 10? I have no idea!  However, I’ve used Microsoft products for over 20 years and have noticed that certain minor bugs simply never get fixed, ever.  So I’m not holding my breath.)

And, as for Linux…well, that’s an idea that has a certain appeal to it, but no.  Even though I’m probably going to ditch Adobe products too, since I am not interested in software rentals, the question of, “Is this application available for Linux” is usually going to lead to, “Nope.”

Anyway, all of this came to mind recently, especially after reading this article, and getting into the comments, at The Online Photographer:

Computer Update (OT)


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2 responses to “Why does Apple hate me?

  1. (with all due respect to you as a fellow part of the human race):

    apple hates you because they treat you like a sheep that can be fleeced each year for new shiny, and you line up and baaaaa at them. fool ewe once, shame on ewe… fool ewe twice, (ewe dont get fooled again) :) if you let them do this, as a customer– youre party to it. sue them, drop them when they act like jerks, or do both.

    the thing is, what a “customer” is to microsoft and apple, plainly is a widget that can be dragged around, coaxed into jumping through hoops, and ultimately treated like sheep (or cattle. livestock, for sure.)

    the hatred is real– its certainly not respect. with everything else, its uphill. like owning a home. if the pipe goes, theres no landlord to call. youre the landlord. if you want to hire a plumber, thats fine. if you want to get a wrench and take the risk of doing a bad job that makes things even worse, thats fine too. but its still YOUR house. if you want a landlord, theres always tim or satya. but you dont have *any* rights, under their stewardship. (name one– it doesnt exist.)

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment, it is much appreciated. I’m a bit slow replying sometimes…

    (this reply ended up being yet another rant)

    I’m actually a really bad Apple customer, that’s probably why they hate me. Although I’ve been using Macs since the 80’s, and have owned them since the early 90’s, my current iMac is a just a 2009 model running Snow Leopard, for cryin’ out loud. I have no doubt that Apple people cringe when they see stuff like that: an EIGHT year old computer and an OS that is six versions out of date? (If I’m counting correctly–actually I’ve lost track and I don’t even care.) But, I LOL at their distress, heheheh. I don’t own any iDevices either. I actually got my first smartphone a couple years ago, a nifty little Motorola ‘droid. A bit underpowered, but it works well enough to read Tweets and wake me up in the morning. :)

    Since I posted the above I took a look on Apple.com at their macOS page for Sierra. They have a list of big new features that they are very proud of, and while I can certainly see how some users, perhaps most of their target market, might find them to be insanely great, to me it seems like the whole system is designed to spy on me and take control of my stuff, as opposed to ME actually controlling it. I hate that, and my visceral reaction to reading that page is that I want no part of it at all.

    So, it saddens me to say that my days as an Apple customer may be coming to an end. A few days ago I came up with a list of general requirements that an “acceptable new computer system” would have, and, much to my surprise, it looks like I’d be better off running Windows 10 than getting a new Mac.

    However, Microsoft is getting in on the same game as Apple with some of this crap. Take a look at this:

    And this:

    So what does that leave?

    Well, I guess it leaves that open source OS with the funny name. ;)

    And, given how many people I’m running into who are dissatisfied with both of these systems, both in a general way, and specific to photographers (many of whom are pissed off at Adobe too), it seems as if the time is ripe for a mass migration away from that whole ecosystem. All that is needed is for someone to seize the opportunity.

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