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I’ve been trying out different layouts for this blog over the past couple of days. I started with the one I use for my Four Things and a Lizard blog, and realized it looks gorgeous for that blog but won’t really work here. I previewed a bunch of others, even going so far as to install a couple of them. This one here is the only one which has really struck me as being “right” though.

It’s not perfect, of course. I don’t really like the little icons in the footer of each article. And when I completed and published my post from earlier today, I noticed there were links inserted at the bottom of it, to “possibly related” articles on other people’s blogs. I doubt I’m going to want that to stay there, assuming there’s an option to eliminate it somehow.

However, all things considered, it’s a very nice layout. It’s light enough on color elements that I can realistically use it for a blog that covers photography, but isn’t totally monochrome. It also features a customizable header, which I like. The one up there right now is a cropped section of this photo:

Broken Reeds

I may alternate it with other photos sometimes too.

Yes, I think this will work out pretty good! :)

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