An old fave, found anew!

(I originally posted this on my Flickr profile page a couple of months ago…but I think I’m going to just move all the updates on that profile over to here. I’ll put today’s date, since I don’t want to get into the confusion of retroactive posting.)

Update 8/15/09 – Hmmm. This profile seems to be turning into a pseudo-blog of sorts. Hopefully that’s an acceptable use under the Flickr TOS. :)

I lost a contact today. No idea who it was. I just know that this morning I had 128, now I have 127. It bothers me when contacts just randomly disappear. Were they deleted? Did they just get tired of Flickr? Have I been blocked for some unknowable reason? No way to tell, most of the time.

In better news, an old favorite photo that I thought had been removed from Flickr has, it turns out, not been removed, it was just hidden for a while. Here it is. That pic was Explored all over the place a couple of years ago, back when Explore actually meant something. It’s one of my all-time Flickr faves, which, for some unfathomable reason, I actually forgot to mark as a favorite back when I first saw it. Huh. Weird. Well, I have faved it now, so there. :)

Photography update: I am still shooting, but have gotten involved on another project that is taking quite a while to finish. I’ve been needing to do it for quite some time, but was never able to make much headway on it with my old computer, which just didn’t have the horsepower for it. Well, my new one does, so now is the time. I was originally hoping to get it done by the end of August, but now it’s looking like Labor Day or even mid-September. Anyway, it means the post-processing side of my photography equation is on hold for the time being.

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