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Another Revision

I’ve decided that a new, general purpose blog is really not something I’m interested in getting started right now, especially since I already have blogs back on Blogger which could serve the purpose perfectly well if I ever feel like starting that up again (and hey, one of them still gets 50 to 75 hits per day, even though it must be a year since I’ve posted there).

So anyway. I’m turning this back into a blog about my photography stuff (and possibly other creative endeavors, such as if I ever manage to get back into using Garageband, although at the moment that doesn’t seem very likely). Mostly I’m thinking of just talking about photography stuff, I’m not thinking of linking many of my photographs here. For that, you can go to my Flickr stream. Well, maybe I’ll link a thumbnail or two here. I haven’t decided that yet. What can I say–over time, I think a blog is better if it evolves into a mature form, rather than having everything decided at the beginning. And right now, this blog has never progressed beyond the embryo stage. ;)

At this point I am undecided whether to delete the posts that are now “off topic”, or just make them private or what. The only thing I’m decided on is that I don’t want to deal with it right now. :)

Basically why I’m getting back into this is that I keep writing out these big long posts on Flickr discussions and then deciding I don’t want to actually post them there (for reasons too obscure to explain). But with some if them, it occurs to me that they’d make halfway decent blog entries. I’ve actually done this once already, a post called Raw Workflow Software (and which is now due for a substantial update, as a matter of fact).

So that is that. Onward!

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